Life Long Friendships!

     Many people use the term best friend forever, but ask yourself, how many friendships do you have that have lasted longer than 15 years? Then ask yourself are you still friends with this person?


     It’s a rare thing to find a person that you can be friends with for 15 years, not to mention for your entire life. I just recently had my 25th birthday and 10 of my closest friends showed up and when I did the math it turned out that we had all known each other for over 15 years and in some cases over 20 years. When I tell people about how long I have known my friends I always get the same “Oh My God” facial expression followed by, “Your kidding, right?”

friends Meme

     So I decided to break down my friendships that I have and wanted to figure out why I was able to have so many good friends that I have known for so long. When I looked at each relationship separately the same three quality’s kept showing up with each of my buddies. The three qualities:


  1. Communication
  2. Trust
  3. Loyalty



     The main quality that has kept all of my friendships lasting so long is communication. This means you go out of your way to communicate to your friends in every possible way. An example that I personally like to do is making sure I send my friends funny snap chats regularly, not only that but I also tag them to funny posts on Instagram or on Facebook to let them know I’m thinking of them. Sending out texts and calling to catch up when you know a big event has happened is another great way to keep from losing friendships.



     Trust is a very big aspect of keeping a friend for life. If you can’t trust a friend than they are not your actual friend. This means you trust them to tell you truth when you ask them a question. When you show your friends that your trust them, instead of questioning their actions, it’s another way of showing them that you respect them as well. Every relationship needs trust and the more that friends can trust each other the stronger the bond will grow and last.



Loyalty is one of the hardest qualities to maintain over a long period of time. When I refer to being loyal to your friends, I mean that you don’t say negative comments behind their backs to others. This means you are not ditching your long term friends for new friends or allowing others to disrespect your friends behind their backs. Being loyal means you always have your friends back no matter how far apart you live or how much you don’t talk, because all that matters is that your friends are loyal enough to show up when you call for help.  Loyal friends will support you always no matter how hahha

     An example of this is when my oldest friend had just gone through a break up. I found out on a Monday through a friend that he had been dumped by his girlfriend of over six years. As soon as I found out I covered my work week and drove four hours to surprise him and cheer him up.


     These are just some of the qualities I found in my friendships that have help us stay friends for so long. I could go on and name many other traits that make our friendships last but I don’t get paid by the word, yet. Now, I challenge you to evaluate your friendships and see what qualities you find, you may be surprise on what you find out.

friends Meme


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