Business Of The Year


This is a title most Business’s strive to achieve but few ever see this prestiges aw
ard. This award is given to a business that continuously  strives to satisfy the needs of their customers and constantly raises the bar for all other business’s.unknown

The Kitties County Chamber of Commerce announced on Dec. 16, 2016 the winner of the Business of the Year award. The winner this year was a local business that has been catering to Ellensburg natives for over 30 years and has continued to grow year after year.

Can you guess which business won? You are right! Winegars Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee shop was the winner! Winegars started as the local dairy back in 1949 and as time went on the family decided to sell Ice-cream as well as milk. friends MemeIn 1990 Starbucks was making a name for itself selling coffee and Winegars decided that it made more sense to join this new sensation sweeping the nation. It was more profitable selling coffee then milk at the time.

The last 25 years Winegars has strived to grow their business and to be the best business they can be. Winegars does a great job of listening to what the customers want and they always try to go over and beyond what is expected by their customers.

This mindset has contributed to Winegars growth over the years and helping them stand out over their competitors. This award has gained more recognition amongst the other business’s in Ellensburg and the students at Central Washington University.embarrasing


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