Nordstroms Word vs. Nordstroms Actions.

Actions Speak Louder Then Words

Recently Nordstrom released that they will be dropping Ivanka Trumps clothing line. This news caught even more attention when President Trump Tweeted out, “My daughter nordstrom-and-ivana-picIvanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!”

Nordstrom was instantly hit with threats of customers striking against shopping with the company. There was also several hashtags created to show support for Ivanka and to show Nordstrom that the
public is unhappy about their decisions.trump-clothing-line

Nordstrom responded by saying, “Its decision,was based on performance,” according to a company spokesperson for Nordstrom. After this statement came out the digging began.
People wanted to know how bad the sales were to drop Ivanka’s  fashion line.

With some in depth research into Nordstroms selling and buying of the Trump line, there were some question marks that have arisen. After dropping Ivanka’s clothing line Nordstrom placed an order to receive more of the clothing line that they said thenordstrom-picy had dropped.

When Nordstroms canceled their contract with Ivanka Trump but put in for another order, what message are they sending?

I’ll tell you this, it is not a message that Nordstrom planned on sending out to the public. They have made a decision that may cost them in the long run with customers.

Nordstrom’s actions are not matching up with what they are releasing to the public and this is causing a big PR crisis that could have been avoided. It has been almost two weeks sense this incident and they are still feeling the back lash of their words and actions.

Let this be an example for other big company’s, don’t say one thing and do anther.


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