Feel The Fear and Discuss It Anyway

Central Bateman Team is bringing awareness to the Mental Health discussion. The Bateman team set up a week full of campus evebate man zoom outnts to make students aware of this serious issue.  Each day the team addressed a different side of the mental health discussion.

There were days where the topic was very difficult to bring up because mental health is such a real issue that people deal with daily. Although this topic is hard to speak about, the Bateman team did a great job of presenting the issues at hand in a friendly environment. The team would start the conversation to make others feel comfortable sharing their stories and participating in the events.

A great example of an activity that they did was gather a group of people and walk around campus showing the Central Washington Campus how many people support this very serious discussion.

The other event that the team put on was set up in the middle of the CWU Surc pit. This location allowed for the most exposure. They had set up a 15 foot long wall that could be written on. In big letters it asked the question, “How do you take care of your mental health on the daily?”

close up bateman blogThis gave a chance for all the students to write on the wall and share what they do to take care of their mental health. This event made it so people could share anonymously what they do and other students could get ideas from the wall or see that they are not alone.

The events captured the attention of hundreds of Central Washington University Students. This is the first step in bringing awareness to the difficult discussion around mental health. We wish the Bateman Team the best of luck in their competition and thank them for starting the discussion on mental health.



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