Gilead Science’s Need For Strategic Communication

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Welcome back to part two of strategic communication with Gilead Sciences. In my last blog I talked a bit about what Gilead Sciences produces, such as the several medicines that help to fight AIDS to a near stand still. The other well-known medicine that Gilead has come out with is called  Sovaldi and this pill can cure Hepatitis C. They have produced over 20 different medicines to help humans combat the, what thought to be untreatable diseases.

I also pointed out that this company, that saves thousands of lives a year, is doing poorly in the stock market.

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Now, why is Gilead stock doing so poorly in recent years? Could it be because of pricing of some of their drugs? Or could it be a lack of strategic communication with the customers?

In my professional opinion, I believe that Gilead Sciences does a poor job at informing the public of everything that Gilead does. This company does not just make medicine, they are researching the safest and most efficient way to make an impact on untreatable diseases. They also have their own foundation set up, along with donating money and resources to hundreds of organizations that are in the same battle as them.

Lets take a quick look at some of the amazing things that Gilead Sciences does outside of making medicine.

“In 2015, Gilead gave nearly $500 million to almost 2,000 organizations that are helping to address unmet needs and lessen the impact of diseases such as HIV and HCV. Gilead’s generosity does not stop there, in 2015, Gilead’s Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Grants Program grew by 379 percent, giving more than $11 million to 101 U.S.- based nonprofit organizations — up from $2.3 million given to 19 nonprofits in 2014.”

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Gilead Sciences has a system when it comes to giving, they call it the four pillars of giving. The four pillars are reducing disparities, providing access, advancing medical education and supporting local communities. Each category helps to guid the company on what, where, and who to donate funds or equipment to. Most companies do not have this level of in-depth directions on how they give back to society outside of their product.

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The one major flaw is that this information is not strategically communicated to the public. I believe with a marketing campaign that is aimed at being more transparent with their corporate social responsibilities. I believe if they showed the world how much Gilead gives back to the communities beyond their life change medicines that their stock would do a 180 degree turn. This campaign would cover four main points giving & access, people, product and environment.

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This type of strategic communication would be the first step for Gilead to start changing the publics perception of their company. Gilead would have to make sure to continue to promote their CSR and then start to inform the public on what types of research is done by Gilead.

This is just one Public Relations Major’s idea of what could help a company that has produced some of the most effective medicines in the world. I challenge you, the reader, to go and look at what this company does to give back to the world.


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