What The Heck is a Winegar?

Have you ever heard of a Winegars? How do you even pronounce this word Winegars?


Turns out this is the name of a family run business that is in Ellensburg Washington. The stores are named Winegars Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee and it is the families last name.


Most of you are probably thinking, that’s cool and all but how do I say the name. A lot of people think its wine and cigars slammed together to make some cool new hip slang word, well it most definitely is not. It is pronounced, Wine-Uh-Gers.


Now you know how to say this interesting last name to this family owned business. You also know that they are based out of Ellensburg Washington and that they don’t sell wine & cigars.

Before I tell you about what this wonderful business sells, let’s look to see how they got started.


It all started back in 1949, when Truman and Phoebe Winegar started their own dairy and of course, named it Winegars Dairy. Most of Ellensburg locals would drive out to the dairy and pick up the bottled milk straight out of the Winegars hand. The Winegars not only loved providing a service, but they truly enjoyed interacting with their customers/neighbors.


Fast forward 11 years later and the Winegars Dairy was expanding to become Winegars Drive-in Dairy in 1960. This was a modern milking parlor, small bottling plant, and retail store. At this point, the heard of cows that were supplying Ellensburg with the finest milk around had grown to over 60 cows. The business was taking off, from the fresh product to the sincere customer service, Winegars was not slowing down anytime soon.


In 1971, eldest son Gary Winegar and his wife Margo became partners in the business. The father son duo took the state by storm and became the third highest producing dairy heard in the State of Washington by 1974.


The Winegars were killing the milk game and to be honest, they needed a new challenge to conquer in the business world. In 1992 Margo and Gary’s eldest child, Richelle Winegar, decided that she wanted to take Truman’s dream of Winegars selling homemade ice cream and turn it into a reality. Richelle got the training that was needed to start making Winegars first batch of homemade ice cream.


Two years later younger brother, Kori Winegars, decided to join the family business and helped his sister continue the ice cream business. In 1997, the first Winegars store that sold coffee and ice cream had opened! This was one of the hardest decisions had to make, because they didn’t know if the coffee business was going to be a long-lasting industry.


Let’s hop into our time machine and head to 2015, where Winegars had opened a second store that they were able to design. At this point they have two extremely popular stores that sell homemade ice cream and some delicious coffee made the way the customer wants it.


Now you know the history of Winegars Homemade Ice Cream &Coffee, along with how the heck to say their wild last name. The history of a business is pretty important, but you know what is more important, knowing what the business is doing currently.


Stay tuned for part two of, What the Heck is a Winegar, to find out what this unique business is doing currently.header_2




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