Are Essential Oils Really That Essential?

essential oil part 1 yiAbout three years ago, I was introduced to this thing called Essential Oils and at first it sounded like some hippy dippy voodoo. Before I jump to far ahead of myself let’s start at the beginning and ask the question, what is an essential oil?


Essential Oils are oils that are derived from all natural resources that help with many different symptoms. An example of an Essential Oil is peppermint oil, this oil can be used to help clear one’s sinuses or it can be used to help do away with headaches. Now this is what I was told about them at first. I also thought that it was a big load of rubbish and that nothing was better than modern medicine.

essen part 1

One day at work I was dying from allergies, I’m talking so bad that I was sneezing so much my eyes were crying and swelling shut all at once. My boss asked if I wanted to try some of her Essential Oils that would help me and I told her yes, but in my head I was thinking that it wasn’t going to help me at all.


She proceeded to take out three different bottles, one said peppermint another said lemon and the last one said lavender. She put one drop of each bottle into my hand and told me to rub my hands together and breathe deeply into my hands. I didn’t think about how goofy I looked, I just did what she asked and my mind was blown away.

doterra essential part 1

In seconds, I could breathe through my noise and was breathing deeper without coughing up a lung or two. After five minutes I was back to my normal non-swollen self again and could work with no problem.


After this amazing discovery, I instantly asked if I could get some Essential Oils of my own. My boss provided me a mini startup kit and a flyer that told what each Essential Oil can be used for. I personally suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and with this disease I get chronic stomach pains. The Essential Oils flyer said that if you put a drop of peppermint into a glass of water and drink it that it can help.

images essential part 1

One day I was at work and had a massive stomach ache that was hindering my performance noticeably. I did what the flyer said to do and drank the peppermint and sure enough my stomach felt better in no time at all. Sense this time I have used Essential Oils every day of my life sense then.

essential 1

Essential Oils are essential to life and can help combat many symptoms you would never think could be helped by an oil. This is a truly an amazing discovery that needs to be communicated to the world. I hope that these oils can help make a positive impact in your life.


Here is a link to their website


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