OPR Is Getting Loud & Proud!

Welcome to the communication plan for OPR at Central Washington University.


Last time we talked all about what OPR is and what kind of service they provide on campus. We also talked about how they are extremely unknown to the students of CWU. This time we are going to dive into a strategic communication plan that will help increase the awareness of OPR on campus and the amount of interactions that are made with students on campus.

Opr part 2The first step of the plan is for OPR to make flyers that tells people who and what they are. The flyer would break down what OPR stands for and some examples of equipment that can be rented. There would be some items from all the major activities in all the different seasons throughout the year on the flyer.

This flyer would also have a mini map on it with a star of where you can find OPR on campus. This would be a huge first step to OPR gaining more awareness amongst the students.

The next step would be for OPR to set up more displays our side their front door of business. The reason why, is because more people will be willing to interact with OPR when they see that OPR has that certain piece of equipment that they have wanted to try out. The more variety of equipment that can be displayed the higher chances are to attract more students.

opr part 2 copyMy next suggestion for OPR would be to have an event that invites all students to participate in. The event would invite students to the Surc to see OPR’s variety of products they rent out. OPR would have several tables full of all the different things that can be rented from OPR. They would also have the prices next to the gear so students would have an idea how inexpensive renting is.


By having this event it would allow students to, not only see how much OPR has too offer, but will give a chance for students to get an understanding of how easy and cheap it is to use OPR. This will also show students that they do not have to stay in their houses because they don’t have the right equipment to go play outside.

opr part 2 for sureI believe with these steps OPR could increase their interaction with students by tenfold. This is just a few things OPR could do to get started on their quest to being known amongst all the students of CWU. Check out your campus and see if you have a service that you have never heard about. I bet there are a few that could use some strategic communication like OPR and you could be the person to help them out now.

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