OPR, Known or Unknown?


Central Washington University has this wonderful service that is called OPR that is on campus. A lot of students have no idea what this stands for or what this service is. I personally did not know what OPR was until I had to do a project on them in my class this year. As we did research about this service that is provided to the students, my team and I found that most people have never heard of OPR or knew what they did on campus.

OPR_building part 1We wanted to see first-hand, how many students interacted with OPR during the hours of 12-2pm on a Thursday and a Friday. The numbers are extremely bad for OPR and being known amongst the students. I have been going to school here for three years and only found out about it two months ago.

Custom_Trips part 2

During our observation, we found a total of 11 students interacted with OPR. When I say interacted, I mean that the students entered OPR or touched one of the blow-up tubes that were being displayed outside. We observed over 650 students that walked by while we were on duty and of those 650 students a total of 25 students looked in the direction of OPR’s front door.


It blows my mind that this amazing service is going unused by the majority of students. OPR offers a huge variety of outdoor gear that students can rent for extremely low prices.  The type of gear they rent out rages from inflatable rafts, paddle boards, life jackets, coolers to camping equipment like tents and sleeping bags. This list only scratches the surface of what they rent out to students.

opr part 1

This is such a great opportunity for students to be able to explore the outdoors and don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on equipment. This is not a service that every college has on campus, which makes it more surprising how it is so unknown.

opr 1

When I asked myself, why is OPR so underutilized by the students of Central Washington University? The first thing that popped into my head is that they are lacking in their strategic communication. This is a company that needs help getting acknowledged by it potential customers. I have a strategical communication plan that will be a sure fire way to gain more interactions with students, but you will have to wait till next time to find out the plan.

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