Strategic Communication, What, How, Worth it?

When you here the term strategic communication, what does it make you think of?strat com

I’m a Public Relations student at Central Washington and I’ve heard this term thrown around a lot but have always had a hard time understanding what it is, how do you use it and is it worth doing for a business?

Some may be saying, isn’t that the same as normal communication?

Oh my, are we all wrong, strategic communication is a key role in everyone’s life and every business life. This type of communication is a more precise communication that has meaning and purpose.


Let’s start with what is strategic communication is, strategic communication is defined as communicating a concept, a process, or data that satisfies a long term strategic goal of an organization.

strat part 1 woot

This is a little cut and dry for my taste, so let’s spice this definition up. Strategic communication is more than trying to grow a business goal or a person goal, it’s a mindset.


A great example of this is when a business is trying to gain more awareness to their customers, it’s not always achieved by communicating generally to the public. Strategic communication that is targeting a specific group of people will have more of an effect on the end goal.


Humans are hit with communication almost every hour of everyday and because of this we have learned to tune a lot of this basic communication out. When communication becomes more specific and has been designed to attract a certain type of person, it is very hard to tune out. Instead most people become more engaged because this communication is connecting with them on a deeper level.


Well we kind of started diving in to how strategic communication works and what strategic communication is. Let’s continue with how strategic communication works in personal lives, not just in the business world.


This type of communication can be used to help get your point or question across in everyday interactions. This can be done in many ways and certain situations will dictate how it is going to be used. For example, when I was younger I use to ask my parents if I could go hang out at my friend’s house. Now I would do this no matter what my parents were in the middle of doing and I would always just blurt out, “Can I go to Kyle’s and play?”


This usually didn’t work out to well for me and I would be told no more often than not. As time went one I started to see that I needed to change my strategy if I wanted a different answer.  Any time I knew I wanted to ask my parents to go play, I would make sure to not interrupt my parents when they were busying doing something. I would also make sure to do several chores right before I would ask the question. Not only that, but I made sure to give my parents a complement before I jumped in and asked for what I wanted.


This strategy help to increase the yes responses that I got from my parents. This one of thousands of examples of how we use strategic communication every day. It may not always go your way and each situation may call for a different tactic, but overall you will notice a difference in how people respond to your new communication.


Now last but not least, is strategic communication worth spending money and time on as a business?


HECK YES! This type of communication is key for the survival of any business now and days. This type of communication shows that a business is constantly trying to improve themselves and learn from their customers. This form of communication is greatly appreciated by the customers. People can tell when a message or advertisement is put together without thought or without thinking about what the customer wants to see or hear.

strat com for sure

This communication will always be evolving and growing as the business and customer pool increases as well. If you do not have strategic communication or don’t think it’s worth the time and effort that goes in to it, then I would challenge you to try it for a month and see what strategic communication can do for you.


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