What The Heck Is Winegars Doing Now?


Last time we spoke, we talked all about what Winegars is and how they got started. Oh yeah, we also talked about how to pronounce this intriguing last name. We also learned that they are a family owned business that sell homemade ice-cream and coffee.

It’s a very heartfelt story of how this company has risen to the level it is at now. I think you all would be more interested on what this company is currently doing up to in Ellensburg, Washington.

winegars blog 2 for sureWinegars has two store locations on either side of Central Washington University on University Way. Both locations serve delicious homemade ice-cream and coffee that is made the way you want.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Winegars success. In 2016, Winegars was voted Business of the year by the Kittitas Chamber of Commerce. Winegars also has signed and shipped out thousands of pints of our ice-cream to stores up and down the west coast.


Winegars most recent success story has been signing a deal with UW to serve our ice-cream in The Hub located on-campus store. The new ice cream shop is called Glacie Creamery, where they hand scoop the delicious Winegars ice-cream.


Winegars sells a lot more than just ice-cream that will make your taste buds dance and coffee that will sooth your soul, while you gain more energy than the energizer bunny. They also make a huge variety of homemade muffins, scone, breads and breakfast burritos.


This is not your normal homemade pastry recipe you get off the back of a muffin box. This is that recipe that your Great Grandma would never tell anyone in the family till she was sure you would keep it a secret. These pastries are made fresh at our ice-cream factory in town and our delivered to both stores.

winegars northThis is a company that is only going up, up, and up in the future. If you have never tried this brand of ice-cream, I challenge you to go out and try a batch of it and see for yourself how jaw dropping good this homemade ice-cream is.


I say this company is only go up in the future, but what does that mean exactly? The Winegars family is a visionary one and always is looking to improve and grow. They have some amazing plans that could make Winegars the 9th world wonder, but you will have to stay tuned till my next blog.


I’ll give away all the juicy secrets about the future of Winegars!


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