What The Heck Is Winegars Going To Do In The Future?

header_2I scream Winegars, you scream Winegars, we all scream for Winegars! If you have been following my blogs over the last couple weeks, then you know we have talked about how good ole Winegars got their start. We got to dive into what Winegars is doing now and days.

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Winegars is not ready to plateau and they are aiming for the moon. Kori and Richelle Winegar are brother and sister and the co-owners of Winegars. These two have some extravagant ideas that they want Winegars to evolve into as time goes on.

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Let’s start with Mr. Kori Winegar’s ideas for the future. Kori would like to start a charity foundation that is called Ice-Cream for Breakfast. The idea is that Winegars ice-cream would be delivered to the Seattle’s Children’s Hospitals and served out to all the children there. Kori knows that the Seattle Seahawks visit the kids a lot and wants to team up with Russell Wilson to help grow the charity. Winegars does a great job of donating and helping in their Ellensburg community and only want to continue to help spread the joy with their delicious ice cream.

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Now let’s jump over to Kori’s sister, Richelle and her future for Winegars. Richelle one year went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and marveled in how the factory was run.  When you go to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, you do not just go to buy amazing cheese, but to enjoy the show and the experience. The factory is set up so that you can see how the company makes their products as they are being made. They have huge windows that allow the customers to view the machines and employees working diligently. The experience is like no other and at the very end you can purchase as much cheese as your heart desires.


What Richelle wants to do is build a Winegars store that incorporates the same idea as the Tillamook Cheese Factory. When customers came in they could see how the hundreds of gallons of ice cream is made. At the end of the tour there would be a full fledge Winegars store there to provide all the products they serve.

winegars blog 2

Both dreams are very attainable in the future and will lead to better experiences for the customers. Winegars is moving in a positive direction and is showing no signs of slowing down. Between the marketing of Kori and the management skills of Richelle this business is set for success.

tillamook blog 3

Seems too good to be true, you say? I challenge you to stop by Ellensburg the next time you’re in the area and come on in to Winegars. Ask for the Bald Man and get ready for an experience of a life time!



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